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Wild Fibers founder Linda Cortright standing near Conachair, the highest summit on St Kilda

Join Wild Fibers founder Linda Cortright as she reports from unusual and remote travel destinations around the world, providing the same well-researched content offered in Wild Fibers Magazine but now with video highlights as well. As the world of travel continues to be fickle, fluctuating and fluky, The Sunday Read will keep you connected from the comfort of your home, engaging both your mind and your heart.

Enjoy learning more about*

  • Scotland, the daily life of a St Kildan from a century ago

  • In the middle of India's achingly hot Thar desert lies Asia's largest wool market 

  • Meet the New Zealand sheep that are helping to save the world's smallest penguin

  • Ms. Thuan, the skilled weaver (and entrepreneur) behind Vietnam's lotus silk industry

  • Iceland's Vigur Island, where processing goose down bears an uncanny resemblance to wool

  • How a German railroad worker became a diamond miner and kickstarted Namibia's wool trade

*The Sunday Read is published twice a month— sometimes more and sometimes less.
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