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Epic Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and the Shetland Islands

July 13-25, 2025

This exceptional voyage  appeals to the adventurous spirit providing an opportunity to explore Iceland's magnificent fjords, volcanic landscape plus lots of whales and puffins galore. You will enjoy 13-days aboard our luxury expedition ship (only 100 passengers), crossing the Arctic Circle before heading to the Faroe Islands where sheep outnumber humans 40:1, and then on to Lerwick and Fair Isle!


Day 1: Reykvijavik

Day 2: Stykkisholmer

Day 3: Western Fjords

Day 4: Siglufjordur & Grimsey Island

Day 5: Akureyri $ Hrisey Island

Day 6: Husavik

Day 7 Seydisfjordur

Day 8 Vest,amma & Saksun, (Faroe Islands)

Day 9: Elduvik

Day 10: Runavik

Day 11: Lerwick, (Shetland Islands)

Day 12: Fair Isle

Day 13: Aberdeen

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Hebridean Sky

Known in the industry as the "Sky Ships," Hebridean Sky and Island Sky are sister ships,  They are beautifully appointed without being stuffy. They are, after all expedition and not cruise ships. You will not find floor shows, and round-the -clock buffets. Instead, you will enjoy a peaceful life at sea with jaw-dropping scenery viewed either from the deck or in the lounge—perhaps ,during afternoon tea. 


Weather permitting, there are typically two landings per day exploring small towns, big waterfalls, and plenty of wildlife.

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Few ships are large enough to comfortably navigate the open waters of the North Atlantic, yet small enough to access Iceland's shallow fjords and the Faroe Islands. 


With just 100 fellow passengers, Hebridean Sky is the ideal choice, combining both elegance and expedience. To duplicate this trip by road, air, and sea would not only be a logistical nightmare, it would also exclude the pleasure of enjoying the abundant wildlife, from puffins fledging to whales breeching, and an abundance of sheep!

Things that make this trip unique

Over the last decade, Iceland has become a popular tourist destination thanks, in part, to its proximity to North America along with favorable airfares offered by Icelandic Air. But there is a lot to see on this island that was conquered by the Vikings, and much of its ancient roots are only found in the remote regions accessible  by air or by sea. Grimsey Island, for example, is 40 kms from the mainland with just 85 inhabitants, who still survive by fishing and raising sheep. 

Equally fascinating is a visit to the Faroe Islands which boasts an unemployment rate of 1%. They, too, survive by fishing and raising sheep.  Followed by a grand finale, visiting Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands (and all things Jimmy Perez) and on to stunning hills of Fair Isle where puffins are apt to gather like puppies at your feet. 

Questions and Answers

What's the weather like?

Temperatures  in summer typically stay in the 50s. However, the damp ocean air often makes it feel cooler. Rain is not only possible, it's all but guaranteed. Why else does the grass stay perpetually stay green. The further north we travel, the colder and windier it will get. Then again, there are those perfect days when the sun is shining bright and not a breath of wind to be found.

What about seasickness?

Typically, the spring and summer months are calmer than other times of the year. However, for those who prone to seasickness, advance preparedness is the key. 

If this is an expedition, what are the physical requirements?

Each person must be ambulatory, The amount of walking or hiking is at the sole discretion of the individual and may limit access to certain destinations.  If walking long distances or along uneven surfaces is problematic, hiking poles are strongly recommended. People are often concerned about getting in and out of the Zodiacs. Even those who might be unsteady on their feet are always relieved that the staff on the marina deck will safely assist them.

Cost and Deck Plans

A 10% non-refundable deposit by credit card is required to hold  your space. Balance is due 120 days before sailing. 

Kindly note this tour is operated by Noble Caledonia., a British-based company. Hence, the price is quoted in pounds sterling.  The prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment will be applied.

Price is per-person based on double occupancy. Single travelers are listed as "for sole use."

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