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From The Land of Tigers

Every year thousands of tourists visit Ranthambore National Park in the hope of seeing a tiger–maybe two. The princely sum that is charged for this privilege goes towards helping to ensure the park's preservation. Sadly, tigers are deeply endangered and only a few thousand remain in all of India. But there is another side to the story, the villagers who live in Ranthambore and see only a pittance of revenue that is garnered by 5-star hotels and luxury tented camps. Thankfully, there is one NGO operating on the outskirts of town providing employment to  local men and women through weaving, block printing, and embroidery.  Like so many, the lack of tourism both during and following Covid has made a desperate situation even worse. It is my sincere hope that Wild Fibers will add this special group to our growing collection of products that carry value beyond the woven cloth. 

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