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Kantha is a type of hand stitching that originated in India about 500 years ago. "Kantha" means "rags" and women would take the hems of old saris and stitch them together with another sari hem to make bed coverings and other household items. The beginning of recycled clothing! Kantha also refers to a type of quilting, using a running stitch.

New orders will not ship in time for Christmas.

Kantha Scarves

Each scarf is a combination saris sewn back-to-back, using either a traditional running stitch or a more intricate pattern of circles or rectangles. They can be worn with casually with jeans or dressed-up for evening, and they also look wonderful draped over a tabletop.

Kindly note colors may vary according to the device you are using.

Old Kantha

New Kantha

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