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Wild Fibers, Wild Places Zoom Lecture


Tuesday, February 9, 3:00 pm (EST)

In 2004, I began my quest to see a musk ox in the wild. I might have had greater success looking for a four-leaf clover in the desert. Over the next fifteen years I traveled to a tiny island in the Bering Sea, a larger island above the Arctic Circle in the Canadian Northwest, a small cemetery in Nome (it's one of the few places in town where the musk ox can find grass), and eventually to the Russian Arctic. Few things have demanded more time or resources to achieve. 


This Zoom lecture will include an assortment of snowy images, tales both funny and frustrating, along with an important understanding of how qiviuk is harvested and processed. 


The lecture is scheduled for Tuesday, February 9, 3:00 pm (EST). If you cannot make the lecture, you will automatically receive a link to the recording the following day.  

Please note: After you purchase your ticket you will receive a follow-up email, containing the Zoom link. DO NOT LOSE

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