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Across The Roof of The World

The Russian Arctic

Wrangel Island

July 25 - August 8, 2022, 

Day 0: Nome

For those departing Nome, Alaska, your adventure begins with a flight across the Bering Sea and International Date Line to the remote port of Anadyr.

Day 1: Anadyr

Day 2: Anadyrskiy Bay

Day 3: Yttygran, Nuneangan and Arakamchechen Islands

Day 4: Cape Dezhnev and Uelen Village

Day 5: Kolyuchin Island

Days 6 to 10: Wrangel and Herald Islands

Day 11: North Siberian Coast

Day 12: Kolyuchin Inlet

Day 13: Bering Strait and Chukotka Coast

Day 14: At Sea

Day 15: Anadyr

wrangel map.jpg


Beginning with two nights at the 5-star Arakur Resort, there are plenty of options to explore Ushuaia, from hiking in the mountains of Tiera del Fuego to wandering the streets of Ushuaia, or simply relaxing in the hotel's indoor/outdoor pool while enjoying a spectacular view of the Beagle Channel.  

Our ship, The Seaventure features a 1-A Super ice class rating — the highest ice class awarded to passenger vessels. This means that we will be able to explore coves, bays, and channels that would previously have been inaccessible to us. The ship also offers a host of new activities. There’s a sauna, a fitness center, a custom-built citizen science lab, and heated saltwater pool. The ship has two kitchens, one on the Lido deck for al fresco dining when weather permits.


A Typical Day in Antarctica

There is no such thing as a "typical day in Antarctica," which is part of its charm and its challenge. Breakfast is frequently served at 8:00 am, but if there is a pod of Orcas playing alongside the ship, or the opportunity for an unscheduled landing to explore a rare site, you will undoubtedly be roused early from your bed. This is not a holiday for languishing in the cool salt air, this is a true adventure. 

Weather permitting, two landings are scheduled per day. You can go on a supervised hike; watch penguins as they tend to their chicks; watch more penguins trudging up and down the mountainside; take thousands of pictures, and then take thousands more. A typical landing lasts three hours and during the summertime, daytime temperatures average in the mid 30s F. 

There is just enough time to return to the ship after the morning landing to have a proper lunch, while the captain maneuvers the ship to the next location, and then it's back in the Zodiacs sometimes just for a cruise in between the ice floes with napping leopard seals, more penguins, and things that just make your jaw drop at every turn.

Sometimes, we're not back on the ship until 6:00 pm, Evening wrap-up begins at 6:30 where we learn more about where we have just been and where we are heading the next day. For most everyone, it's early to bed after an amazing day in Antarctica.

Things that make this trip special

We partner with Polar Latitudes because their expedition team excels not just in knowledge, but in giving their all to every person on board. They offer programs in both Citizen Science and Happy Whale, allowing passengers to collect valuable data that is then shared with ongoing research. Their lectures are filled with fascinating facts, and the occasional antic. They also offer the opportunity to go kayaking, snowshoeing, and overnight on the ice! And by the end of the first day, they know how to make the entire ship feel like family in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

We also partner. with Polar Latitudes because of the vessel's size.  Landings in Antarctica are restricted to 100 passengers at a time.  Large cruise ships must rotate their passengers in separate groups on and off a landing site thereby reducing the amount of time one has to enjoy the area. Seaventure has a capacity for 136 passengers, however the "extra" passengers are in kayaks, and don't count towards the 100-person limit. 

Although there is no shortage of luxury accommodations onboard, there is no spa for manicures, no formal dress for dinner, no need to do anything but soak in every moment of this extraordinary destination. 

sleepingseal copy.jpg

What's Included

  • Two Hotel Nights

  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Certified Emergency MD and Clinic

  • World Class Cuisine and Live Entertainment

  • Complimentary Coffee/Tea station

  • Voyage Photographer

  • Dedicated Passenger Service Manager

  • Complimentary Expedition Jacket


Ship Facilities

  • Two Elevators serving all passenger decks

  • Library with computers

  • Fitness Center and Sauna

  • Heated saltwater swimming pool

  • Citizen Science Laboratory

veranda suite.png

Cabins and Prices

  • Exterior views

  • Sitting area with chairs or sofa and table

  • Complimentary Mini-Bar

  • Flat Screen TV

  • Telephone

  • Safe to store your valuables

  • Independent temperature controls

  • Luxury toiletries

  • Hair dryer

12 days - 9 nights on board

Veranda Suite:  224 sq. ft. with balcony and seating area

(early booking discount) $11,650, after January 31, 2021,  $13,705,

Window Suite: 188 sq.  ft. with window and seating area

(early booking discount) $10,790 after January 31, 2021, $12,695, 

window suite.png

Questions and Answers

What's the weather like?

During the "height" of the summer season, the temperature is typically quite mild sometimes reaching the low 40s but usually in the mid 30s F. For most, a thermal layer plus a sweater is typically enough to wear under the expedition jacket provided to all passengers. Gore-tex pants are required for Zodiac trips—splashing is inevitable. Every passenger is also given a pair of expedition boots to wear during the voyage. The ship also offers a modest selection of items that can be purchased in its pop-up shop should anyone feel the need of an extra layer. Historically, everyone overpacks! A suggested packing list is provided.

What about seasickness?

The Drake Passage is known as the "Drake Lake" or the "Drake Shake."  More crossings are smooth than not.  The captain is constantly monitoring the weather systems and will advise people in plenty of time if rough seas are expected so those who need to take preventative medicine can do so. Once the ship is in the protected waters around the peninsula, the seas are often flat as glass.,  absolutely perfect for kayaking and cruising. 

If this is an expedition, what are the physical requirements?

Each person must be ambulatory, The amount of walking or hiking is at the sole discretion of the individual. There is a team of helpers to assist everyone (young and old) getting in and out of the Zodiacs. safely. Walking poles are provided at every landing . People in their eighties have navigated their way around Antarctica just fine—it's never too late to fulfill a life long dream

Is it possible to visit the bridge?

Yes! Polar Latitudes believes an open bridge policy enhances the value of the trip. Occasionally, during rough seas the bridge may be closed. Otherwise, there is an open door 24/7.

Is there a polar plunge?

Of course! Provided your physician has no objections, we heartily recommend it.

Enjoy a bird's eye view of the voyage


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We look forward to welcoming you on board.

"To love what you do and feel that it matters how could anything be more fun?"

Katharine Graham