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The only thing more stunning than The Falkland Islands sheep to human ratio (166:1) is that it also has the highest per capita ownership of Range Rovers in the world. (The two are mutually dependent.) Following the headlines from the war in 1981, The Falklands are now waging a different war at sea as global warming impacts their fishing revenue along with oil rigs waiting for the green light. 


Vol. 12 Iss. 1

  • After conducting an exhaustive survey of our readers we are pleased to introduce the newly formatted issue ofWild Fibers based on thousands of thoughtful suggestions, (kind) critiques, and loyal followers. While still maintaining our global interest in natural fibers we have included more domestic stories, an expanded fiber artist feature, more information about local resources, and though no one suggested it, we included some mighty cute penguin photos as part of our cover story on the Falkland Islands. We also take a hard look at the meaning of fair trade in the world of fibers, startling information about farming hemp, and a wild visit with Long Island's "Llama Queen," Tabbethia Haubold.


    Fibers/Animals:  Tunis Sheep, Llamas, Leicester Sheep, Illex, Patagonian Squids, Penguins, Hemp, Cotton, Wool, Indigo Dye

    Places:  Brooklyn, New York; Yaphank, New York; Falkland Islands, South America; San Luis Valley, Colorado

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