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Vol. 12 Iss. 2

  • In the United States we call them "mountains", in France they call them "alps", but regardless of the name they both have extraordinary tales (tails?) about sheep! In Buffalo, Wyoming, the Camino Family Ranch is known for their tasty Rambouillets that fill dinner plates in some of New York's finest eateries. Their fine wool is perhaps not as famous, but no less splendid and helping to churn the wheels at Mountain Meadow Mill. Alternatively, the insanely beautiful French alpine pastures provide ideal grazing ground for France's oldest native sheep breed, the Merino d'Arles, which is destined to be a favorite fiber among trekkers traveling the ancient transhumance between France and Italy. We also spin into fiber fashion with Janice Kissinger's decadently elegant felted saris, and discover how camel wool may be the missing link in saving Mongolia's Pzewalski horse.

    Fibers/Animals:  French Rambouillet, Merino d'Arles Sheep, Camels, Przewalski Horses, Silk, Wool

    Places:  France; Mongolia; Lincoln, Rhode Island

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