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Vol. 11 Iss.1

  • For three magical days the streets in Cusco, Peru were wrapped with hundreds of indigenous weavers from South America and beyond. The Tinkuy de Tejodores united outstanding artistry with ancient traditions, leaving a lifetime of memories in its wake. Over in Mongolia,  feltmaker Sharon Costello helps Snow Leopard Trust develop new styles and techniques for the Western market, while simultaneously advancing efforts to help save this endangered creature.  Speaking of felt,  Janice Arnold talks about some of her stunning masterpieces that have been showcased at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York and Torie Olson checks out the felting scene in Krygyzstan.


    Sheep, Golden Eagles, Camelids, Snow Leopards


    Kyrgyzstan; Lima, Peru; Cusco, Peru; Mongolia; Washington 

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