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Vol.10 Iss. 1

  • There are countless do-good fiber projects throughout the world, but few have the dedication of the Rocking Yak. Founder Bret Colledge takes us into his world in Shangri La, China, were women are spinning their futures with yak fiber.  Around the corner in Myanmar, the women on Inle Lake spend up to two years, harvesting, reeling. and weaving fiber from lotus plants which was originally spun into sacred garments for monks. On the mountain top in Jebel Shams, Oman, (cover)  a handsome goat waits patiently for the photographer to get him into focus, and so begins the story of goat fibers and camel harnesses in the Middle East.

    Places:Shangri-La, China; Myanmar/Burma; California; Nizwa, Oman; EnglandFibers/Animals: Lotus Fiber, Yak, Goat, Wool, Cotton

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