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South Africa is the de facto largest producer on mohair in the world, which is or paticular note since the original import of Angora goats in the mid-1800s contained 11 neutered males and 1 female who, unbeknownst to the "gatekeepers" arrived pregnant!

Vol. 5 Iss. 2

  • Miles and miles of tasty veld provides optimal grazing land for angora goats; a wild fiber chapter that began in the mid-19th century with a journey from Turkey to South Africa that unknowingly included one goat that had failed the rabbit test! 100 years later, angora rabbit farming came to Kullu, India, a small town in the Lower Himalayas. In its prime, there were 18,000 rabbits being managed at this one location. 

    Fibers/Animals:  Kid Mohair, Angora, Wool, Sheep, Angora Goats, Angora Rabbits

    Places:  Guatemala, India, South Africa, West Falkland, Zimbabwe

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