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Possum are public enemy number one in New Zealand, ravaging thousands of tons of forest canopy daily. Alternatively, their fiber is some of the warmest on the planet launching a new chapter in wild fibers. 

Vol. 4 Iss. 4

  • Buy a Possum - Save a Forest! Discover why the bushtail is an environmental nightmare, but a fiber lover's dream. Peruvian mummies with stash? Archaeologist Guillermo Cock shares the extraordinary discovery of 500-year-old weavers buried clutching skeins of yarn at their side. Travel to Guizhou with Torie Olson and learn Miao's secret of indigo dyeing.

    Fibers/Animals:  Merino, Delaka, Byangi, Deshkad, Wool, Camelid, Cotton, Llama, Alpaca, Sheep, Possum, Goats

    Places:  Southern China; Kullu Valley, India; Brunswick, Maine; Peru; India

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