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Best of Britain

August 24-September 7, 2023

This unique voyage offers a full circumnavigation of Great Britain including England's Guernsey Island to the south, the tiny island of Unst in northern most Scotland, plus a full day in Wales and Northern Ireland.


Day 1: Portsmouth, England

Day 2: Guernsey & Herm, Channel Islands

Day 3: Isles of Scilly

Day 4: Fishguard & St Davids, Wales

Day 5: Peel, Isle of Man

Day 6: Rathlin Island & Portrush, Nor. Ireland

Day 7 St Kilda

Day 8 Scrabster

Day 9: Unst, Shetland Islands

Day 10: Lerwick

Day 11: Montrose

Day 12: Berwick-upon-Tweed, England

Day 13: Whitby

Day 14: Lowestoft

Day 15: Portsmouth

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Hebridean Sky

Hebridean Sky is the ideal expedition ship. She is small enough (just 59 cabins) to offer an intimate environment but sturdy enough for the open waters of the North Atlantic.  


Every cabin is beautifully appointed along with an elegant dining room, a more casual outdoor restaurant on the Lido deck, and delectable tea service every afternoon.

Everyone who sails on Hebridean Sky loves her. 

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Things that make this trip unique

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This exciting expedition is a perfect blend of history and nature. It will delight those who revel in ancient castles, or the wanderer who wants to escape for an afternoon hike along the cliffs, and for the wool-lover who is dazzled by the variety of sheep breeds that Britain has to offer.


We will explore some of the more remote islands by Zodiac, plus take a ride in the original carriage of an ancient steam train. 

Every day is different than the day before.

One could spend a lifetime visiting the extraordinary sites Great Britain has to offer, each village, each castle, each island, and each sheep(!) is slightly different than the one before. Our voyage is designed to give you a tapas tour of some of our favorite places combining guided tours along with free time to explore on your own.  Interestingly, many of these landings are places even the British rarely get to as is so often the case with little gems that are lying in your own backyard. 

Questions and Answers

What's the weather like?

Temperatures  in summer vary from the 70s in the south to the 50s in the north. However, the damp ocean air often makes it feel cooler. Rain is not only possible, it's all but guaranteed. Why else does the grass stay perpetually stay green. The further north we travel, the colder and windier it will get. Then again, there are those perfect days when the sun is shining bright and not a breath of wind to be found.

What about seasickness?

Typically, the spring and summer months are calmer than other times of the year. However, for those who prone to seasickness, advance preparedness is the key. 

If this is an expedition, what are the physical requirements?

Each person must be ambulatory, The amount of walking or hiking is at the sole discretion of the individual and may limit access to certain destinations.  If walking long distances or along uneven surfaces is problematic, hiking poles are strongly recommended.

Cost and Deck Plans

Starting at £6995 per person (based on cabin availability)

A 10% non-refundable deposit by credit card is required to hold  your space. Balance is due 120 days before sailing. 

Kindly note this tour is operated by Noble Caledonia., a British-based company. Hence, the price is quoted in pounds sterling.  The prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment will be applied.

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