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Twisted Tales

A memoir of earthquakes, orphans, opium and other wild yarns from around the world

Heading 4

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Wild Fibers editor Linda Cortright reveals the honest, and often humorous truth, about events that unfolded behind the scenes during her 17 years pursuing wooly stories around the globe. Up until now, her encounters with a sniper in Oman, a black mamba in Swaziland, and a hair-raising trip in Afghanistan, along with other jaw-dropping encounters have been omitted from the pages of the magazine. 

134 pages, soft-cover.


The Eye of Fiber

Uncommon stories about wool from around the world

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Filled with stunning photos and extraordinary tales from around the world, The Eye of Fiber looks at the ongoing struggles and fascinating histories that have shaped the natural fiber industry, from a diamond miner turned sheep farmer in Namibia to a Russian chess master and his country's prize-winning Merinos. The perfect coffee table book to be enjoyed by all. 

112 pages, soft-cover


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