Piggs Peak, Swaziland

Imagine taking a bundle of ghost white "straw" and turning it into magnificent art! Tucked in the jungle of Piggs Peak in northern Swaziland, Tintsaba has been producing finely woven sisal baskets and jewelry since the 1980s. They have received numerous  design awards and exhibit every year at the prestigious Santa Fe Folk Art Market. They were also featured in the Wild Fibers Vol. 14. Iss. 1. 

For the past two years, we have included Tintsaba on our Wild Fibers Tour of South Africa and Swaziland where we have been warmly welcomed with song and dance, and given a brief lesson in spinning sisal, which ideally requires a bare (and firm) thigh to be done correctly. 

We are delighted to offer a collection of their baskets and jewelry as part of our ongoing effort to support locally crafted fiber items from from around the world.

Gallery Collection

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Market Collection

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