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Scotland, the way you have always dreamed about

Scotland and The Faroes

June 3-15, 2024
June 15-27, 2024

This unique expedition appeals to those interested in remarkable history, natural fibers, wonderful wildlife and the most endearing people. Traveling from Scotland’s rugged coastline to the deeply remote Faroe Islands and on to the Shetland Islands, this voyage is a “grand slam” for those who have ever dreamed of visiting these historic destinations. 


Day 1: Depart from Aberdeen

Day 2: North Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands

Day 3: Fair Isle & Noss Head

Day 4: Lerwick

Day 5: Fetlar & Unst

Day 6: Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Day 7 Vestmana, Faroe Islands

Day 8 Suduroy, Faroe Islands

Day 9: Stornoway and Shiants, Outer Hebrides 

Day 10: St. Kilda

Day 11: Loch Scavaig and Canna

Day 12: Iona and Staffa

Day 13: Oban

* The June 15 Tour will depart in the opposite direction, leaving from Oban and ending in Aberdeen.


Island Sky

If large, resort-style vessels accommodating thousands of passengers are your ideal, then the MS Island Sky is not the vessel for you.  You will not find floor shows nor round-the-clock buffets,  But you will find an intimate atmosphere where every morning begins a new adventure often traveling by Zodiac to remote landing sites and unique opportunities.



Few ships are large enough to navigate the open water to the north, yet small enough to weave among the smaller islands along the Scottish coast. The MS Island Sky with just 95 fellow passengers is the ideal choice, combining both elegance and expedience. To duplicate this trip by road, air, and sea would be a logistical nightmare, requiring nearly twice the time—and dollars. To visit the small communities of Westray, Unst and Fetlar along with the uninhabited St Kilda into one itinerary is rare; when combined with the towns of Torshavn and Lerwick is an adventure that rarely comes along. 

Things that make this trip unique

It's impossible to overstate the itinerary from both a wildlife and a wild fiber perspective. For many, a visit to Scotland let alone the Shetlands is a dream come true. To venture to the Faroes, visiting with farmers, crofters and knitters while surrounded by the beauty of the North Sea is part of what makes this trip unique. And then there's the ship, which feels like home from the moment you lay your head down to sleep.

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Save £300 for a limited time
(Pricing is quoted in UK pounds and converted from your currency at time of payment.)

A non-refundable 10% deposit is required to secure your reservation.

A word about expedition cruising

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Deck Plans

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Questions and Answers

What's the weather like?

Temperatures  in summer typically stay in the 50s. However, the damp ocean air often makes it feel cooler. Rain is not only possible, it's all but guaranteed. Why else does the grass perpetually stay green. The further north we travel, the colder and windier it will get. Then again, there are those perfect days in June when the sun is shining brightly and not a breath of wind to be found.

What about seasickness?

Typically, the seas in this are rather active., although the summer months are known to be calmer than other times of the year. However, for those who are prone to seasickness, advance preparedness is the key. 

If this is an expedition, what are the physical requirements?

Each person must be ambulatory, The amount of walking or hiking is at the sole discretion of the individual and may limit access to certain destinations.  If walking long distances or along uneven surfaces is problematic, hiking poles are strongly recommended.

Itinerary changes?

We make every effort to stick with the itinerary. However, the weather ultimately dictates our schedule and it is possible we may have to switch landings on a certain day.  Occasionally, we might have to miss a landing completely. Please know these decisions are always made based on making your safety our top priority.

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