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Vol. 16 Iss. 1

  • Our cover feature offers so much more than a wild travelogue in the Russian Arctic.  We look at the impact of climate change on this magnificent, pre-historic beast, and we speak with internationally renowned wildlife conservationist, Dr. Joel Berger, and his unprecedented research into the relationship between musk oxen and polar bears.

    Other feature articles include:

    Where to find some of the finest cashmere in America

    The "cutest sheep in the world"  The Swiss Valais Blacknose

    Indonesia's Lembata Island, still whaling and weaving the way they have for centuries

    Flax: We're going back to the future as more farmers are beginning to cultivate this ancient crop

    Looking back fifty years with Schacht Spindle Co. and the Muskox Producers' Co-op in Alaska

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