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Vol. 13 Iss. 1

  • Chasing a Dream

    Wild Fibers editor, Linda Cortright, looks back on a journey that began in 2007 when she met Konchok Stobgais at a cashmere conference in Kyrgyzstan. In August, they celebrated the opening of the first cashmere spinning and weaving center built in the High Himalayas, offering employment to a village of semi-nomadic women. meeting in Central Asia. The story that unfolded in the years since is both inspirational and, at times, unbelievable. Their journey is both inspirational and at times unbelievable. 

    Shepherds and Spaceships

    Our adventure though Kalmykia (Russia's only Buddhist republic), borders on extra-terrestrial with a former president who claims to have been abducted by aliens. Kalmykis is also  known for their top quality Merinos, which have severely damaged the environment, in part, because of Stalin's collective farm system.

    Resurrection in the Desert

    Jordan's sprawling desert is home to Bani Hamada, formerly a Bedouin Tribe whose weaving traditions were being lost to modernization, it now boasts a vibrant community of weavers and dyers, preserving the traditions of their ancestors.

    "One of the Last Great Places"

    Block Island is a favored east coast summer getaway with miles of surf and sand. It also has North Light Fibers, a micro yarn mill with camels and kangaroos for neighbors. 

    Dyeing to Help Rwanda

    Farmer and fiber artist, Nancy Zeller, recounts her tale of developing Umva Couture, an exquisite line of hand dyed garments made by women in Rwanda.

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