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When the Vikings weren't busy plundering, they were busy raising hearty sheep whose wool was spun into sailcloth. Noway's sheep culture is no less robust (although far less menacing) today as we see during our visit with Hilde Buer on Groneng Island.

Vol. 9 Iss. 2

  • We promise this issue is full of surprises, from Vikings and their sheep, to spinning silk in the land of sea serpents and elephants, you will be very surprised to hear about "Mary's little lamb in the middle of New York City."

    Fibers/Animals: Wool, Silk, Vilsau Sheep, Southdown Sheep, Mulberry Worms, Silk Worms, Coburg Fox Sheep, Yaks

    Places:Groneng Island, Norway; New York City, New York; Laos; England; Germany; Maine; Oman

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