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Twisted Tales

A Memoir of Earthquakes, Orphans, Opium, and Other Wild Yarns From Around the World

Story and Photos By Linda N. Cortright

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In Twisted Tales, intrepid traveler Linda Cortright winds us across the globe to meet some of the most endearing and indelible characters. From a tenaciously tough Granny living amidst the rubble after a devastating earthquake in Yushu, China, to a fearless Afghani business woman braving the Taliban and teaching the art of silk-rearing outside Mazar-i-Sharif, Cortright reveals the common humanity that wraps us together. Told with compassion and a dry sense of humor, Cortright serves as our perfect travel guide, bringing humility and a photographer’s eye to each crazy and, at times, seemingly absurd situation. I found myself smiling, crying and laughing out loud as I eagerly turned the pages to read each chapter. Twisted Tales is a wild romp, and well worth the read!

Tierney Thys PhD

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Many mistakenly think of old ladies with knitting needles when they think of fiber fantatics. Linda Cortright not only blasts this stereotype out the window, she twisted her yarns or tales with compelling prose—making fun of herself and the situations she finds herself in —no matter how harrowing—as she explores the world providing us all with travel insights not just into the world of fiber, but into the worlds from which incredible fiber cultures arise.



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