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Twisted Tales: A Memoir Of Earthquakes, Orphans, Opium
and Other Wild Tales From Around the World 

Sample Chapter

We have all been in situations, typically mid-crisis or chaos, when we pause and say, “Someday this will all seem funny.” Of course, in the moment it never does. And so when I sat down to write Twisted Tales, I knew there were memorable encounters from my global junkets that merited putting pen to paper. I don’t mean tales of delayed flights, lost luggage and seat mates with poor hygiene. I mean flak jackets, poisonous snakes and earthquakes. Stories that have shaped my understanding of our collective humanity regardless of country, creed, or color. They have also put me in some precarious situations that never would have been happened had I remained tethered to the comforts of my American borders. 

For anyone who has ever laughed out loud while reading the magazine's back page, this book is for you. 

Traditionally, advertising revenue covers the bulk, if not all the costs of printing a magazine.  For the second consecutive year, travel restrictions have made it impossible to publish Wild Fibers.  If you are able to make a donation to help offset

the printing of Twisted Tales, you will have not only my eternal gratitude but receive two complimentary copies and a

pro-rated coupon for unlimited purchases on the website through August 31, 2022.  It is small way of my saying thank you.

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