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Wild Fibers is dedicated to understanding
the importance of natural fibers throughout the world, 
while promoting cultural awareness and human potential.


The Sunday Read

Filled with fascinating stories and fabulous photos from around the world, The Sunday Read offers the same editorial style as Wild Fibers Magazine, but now online!

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Tour Schedule 2022-2023

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New Zealand

November 14-24, 2022

  • Traditional Maori flax weaving 

  • World -renowned wineries

  • Sheep farms Marlborough Sound

  • Albatross, whales, and penguins

  • 2 days in Fjordland

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February 18-March 1, 2023

  • Visit with camel herders

  • Blockprinting Workshop

  • The largest wool market in Asia

  • Traditional dinner in the desert

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May 10-25, 2023

  • Stunning landscapes

  • Abundant sea life

  • Wool in the wild

  • Iceberg lagoon


Best of Britain

August 24-September 7, 2023

  • Shetland Islands - Scotland

  • St Kilda -Scotland

  • St. Davids - Wales

  • Rathlin Island-Northern Wales

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Mekong River

November 2023 TBA

  • Lotus weavers

  • Local cooking classes

  • Can Tho Market

  • Angkor Wat



January 16-28, 2024

  • Penguins! Penguins! Penguins!

  • Whales

  • Spectacular Icebergs

  • Zodiac Cruising

Twisted Tales

Filled with spectacular photos and unusual escapades, Wild Fibers editor Linda Cortright goes behind the scenes with stories that are both terrifying and comical—a common pattern throughout many of her travels.  Cortright narrowly escapes a devastating earthquake in Tibet, being stabbed (by a child!) in Jordan, and a faulty escape route in Afghanistan are just the beginning.

"Many mistakenly think of old ladies with knitting needles when they think of fiber fanatics. Linda Cortright not only blasts this stereotype out the window, she twisted her yarns or tales with compelling prose—making fun of herself and the situations she finds herself in —no matter how harrowing—as she explores the world providing us all with travel insights not just into the world of fiber, but into the worlds from which incredible fiber cultures arise."

Linda Ligon, Co-founder Long Thread Media

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The Eye of Fiber

Nearly every sheep or goat in America has a passport from somewhere else. The Eye of Fiber provides a fascinating overview of their history and cultural significance from the desert of Namibia to the mountains in Romania.  The Eye of Fiber is a coffee table delight for anyone who enjoys wild fibers. 

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